The most fun way to explore cities

Whether you're a local or just visiting, Strollhunt turns your leisurely stroll into an exciting adventure; the city is your playground, go find all the hidden gems!

If you are a destination marketing organization, a cultural institution, or a travel company looking to create an immersive experience to activate or engage with your audience, Strollhunt can bring your vision to life in just days.


Walk through the city on the hunt for the hidden gems hiding in the clues

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Play the city by snapping the real world with our 'Magic Camera', checking in at places with our 'Magic Radar', or solving challenges with our 'Q&A'

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Learn about the cultural or historical significance of the hidden gems you uncover

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Collect all the hidden gems in the city, earn a medal and challenge your friends to see who knows the city best

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Discover cool spots recommended by locals around you

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Create your own immersive experience for everyone to play

Create your game

If you're a destination marketing organization, a cultural institution, or a travel company, the Strollhunt Platform offers the simplest, fastest, and most user-validated solution to deliver your branded immersive experience to your audience; contact us using the form below to discuss your project

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